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Join Geminis Network Crowdloan

The 1st Parachain in fair launch without a private sale and supported by the advanced ParaState tech stack.

Geminis network is participating in the #14 - #18 round of the SLOT auctions. We need community support from all of you. As a reward, you will get GEM, the native token of the Parachain.

Why Support Geminis Network

We're bringing EVM and Ewasm together on Polkadot

Geminis Network is the first parachain supported by the advanced ParaState tech stack. Geminis takes Ethereum chain support to the next level through WasmEdge. Develop and execute high-speed smart contracts with built-in Ethereum compatibility (EVM & EWASM) and interoperability in Solidity, Vyper, and next-level programming languages like Rust, C ++, and Golang.

What the community will get

  • Full compatibility with Ewasm (the next-generation Ethereum)

  • The SOLL compiler to compile contracts in solidity or vyper to Ewasm smart contracts

  • The Sewup compiler to compile contracts in Rust to Ewasm smart contracts

  • High-performance blockchain technology and developers from different programming languages

  • Full compatibility with EVM

Why Support Geminis Network

Slot Auction Strategy

Reward cap

15% of GEM tokens total supply =


Basic Reward

If the Geminis Network wins, Every DOT that supports Geminis in the ParaChain slot auction will receive 10 GEM.

Extra Reward

20% bonus for the first 48 hours of the #14-#18 auction crowdloan

Reward Distribution

20 % unlocked immediately if Geminis wins

80 % distributed weekly over 96 weeks

DOT Contribution Options

Support Geminis Network via Polkadot.js

31.5 million GEM Basic Reward

20% bonus for the first 48 hours of the #14-#18 auction crowd loan

Support Geminis Network via Parallel

Extra PARA/DOT & Liquidity cDOT: Each DOT contributed to Geminis gets extra 4 PARA tokens and liquidity cDOT issued by Parallel.

31.5 million GEM Basic Reward

Extra 20% bonus for the first 48 hours of the #14-#18 auction crowdloan


Geminis Network use Polkadot’s crowdloan mechanism to help back their parachain slot lease bid. To participate in a crowdloan, users agree to lock up a portion of DOT for the duration of the parachain slot lease period, after which they can be unlocked. To participate in a crowdloan, you must have a transferable balance of DOT, so if your tokens are currently locked due to staking, you’ll need to unbond them in advance of the crowdloan campaign. The unbonding period on Polkadot is currently 28 days.

Geminis Network will participate in the 14th-18th auction.

Only one DOT.

DOT. You will need unlocked, unbonded DOT, stored either in a non-custodial (non-exchange) address or through a supporting exchange.

DOT locked for the duration of the parachain’s lease period remains in the index for the campaign, and it is reserved and unavailable for other uses such as staking. At the conclusion of the slot lease, the full amount of DOT is unlocked, after which it is once again free to be used for activities such as transfers, withdrawals, and staking. For crowdloans, contributed DOT is locked from the moment the contribution is made until the end of the lease, unless the crowdloan campaign is unsuccessful in securing a slot via auction, in which case contributed DOT is unlocked at the end of the campaign as specified by the parachain team.

GEM token is the native token of Geminis Network. It will be paid as gas fee and as rewards for developers and the community.

The reward cap for parachain slot auction is 31,500,000 GEM. Per DOT is 10 GEM. The more DOTs you support for Geminis Network, the more GEM tokens you will receive. Besides, if you support in the first 48 hours, you will get a 20% bonus!

If Geminis Network wins, 20% of the total reward will be unlocked right away. The remaining 80% will be distributed over the 96 weeks.

After the lease, the full amount of DOT is unlocked.

The DOT you staked for Geminis Network will be unlocked.

Contact admins in our TG and Discord groups.